9 Grammar Memes to Give You a Good Laugh

Thursday, September 52 min read

We've all been guilty of a grammar fail, and there's an entire subsection of the internet meme world devoted to these all-too-relatable blunders. The small (but very important) difference between “Let’s eat Grandma,” and “Let’s eat, Grandma,” is best explained through a memorable cartoon.  Here are nine chuckle-worthy grammar memes that go above and beyond teaching us not to put Nana on the dinner menu.

Boy Bands and Grammar

Trust the Llama

My Head Is Spinning

Source: @iowahawkblog

One Space Matters a Lot

Once Again for the People in the Back

Thanks, Obama

Drop This One in Your Tinder Profile

Cheers! To Funny!

Get It? We’ll Give You a Minute

Source: Toothpastefordinner.com

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