Ever experience that moment when you realize your grandmother didn’t quite get everything you said because of the slang you used? Don’t feel bad. She used plenty of slang herself and probably got the same confused look from her grandma.

Scroll through these 15 outdated sayings Grandma and Grandpa used in their own casual conversation. They may give you a big tickle.

1. Gas

This one is used to describe something or someone outrageously fun. “That guy last night at the party was a gas!”

2. Wallflower

Someone, usually a girl, who is so shy, she leans against the wall at social events. “How can anyone ask you to dance when you’re being a wallflower?”

3. Beat feet

When you have to get somewhere fast, you beat your feet against the pavement. “We’re running late! Let’s beat feet out of here.”

4. Made in the shade

When Grandpa had a great job, a cool car and Grandma to date on Saturday nights, he had it made in the shade. “Ethel, your cute boyfriend looks like he’s got it made in the shade.”

5. Pad

Slang for an apartment. “Come back to my pad and we’ll put on some records.” (The older equivalent of "Netflix and chill.")

6. Greaser

Used to describe someone who put a lot of product in his hair that made it shiny. This person also liked muscle cars and the associated grease. “Ethel, are you dating a greaser? We heard you were necking at the drive-in.”

7. Peepers

You peep at things with your eyes. Thus, back in the day, eyes were called peepers. Make sense? “Ethel, your peepers are the deepest pools of blue.”

8. Submarine races

Brace yourselves. When Grandpa had it made in the shade, he would drive Grandma to a secluded place so they could get cozy and “watch the submarine races.”

9. Far out

Used to express how fantastic something was. “That Bob Dylan concert was far out, man.” It had nothing to do with distance. Even if Dylan played a set in the backyard, it was still far out.

10. Knuckle sandwich

Take your hand and fold it into a fist. Viola! Knuckle sandwich. Grandpa to Great-uncle Charlie: “If you tell dad I went to the submarine races instead of the library last night, I’ll feed you a knuckle sandwich.”

11. Bummer

Used to convey disappointment. “Wow, that’s a bummer your dad found out about the submarine races. How long are you grounded?”

12. Give me some skin

High fives or low fives, Grandpa was giving skin upon greeting a friend. “Hey, Herman! Give me some skin.”

13. Square

Like a nerd or someone who is too normal. “Herman, I hope you didn’t invite your brother, Charlie, to come with us. He’s such a square.”

14. Fuzz

The police. “Let’s beat feet before the fuzz gets here.”

15. Shindig

A hot party with lots of music and dancing. “Ethel, is Herman taking you to the shindig on Saturday? It will be a gas.”

Bone up on these words. The next time you tell Grandma what’s going on in your life, she’s sure to understand you. She was young once, too — she just used different words.