Call it a mantra, motto, or catchphrase – a single word on mental repeat can give you the motivation to overcome anything, from a big presentation to a tough assignment to a 10K race. If you’re on the hunt for something to empower and uplift your headspace, here’s 15 inspiring words to get you going.


Success is in your grasp when you focus in on this impressive word, meaning to bring about or reach your goals by effort, skill, or courage.


This science-minded word refers to a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction, but it’s also common parlance for anything related to change. This catalyst might be just what you need to kick yourself into gear.


Dig deep and embrace your inner courage. After following through with a task that intimidates you, you’ll be described as dauntless.


Hold firm in your beliefs and you’ll be expressing your rectitude. No matter what, this is a good word to hold yourself accountable.


This one’s got staying power: Sedulous means to be diligent in application or attention, persevering, even when you encounter difficulty that’ll delay your success.


Conquer your fears, doubts, haters – whatever! This battle-ready word means to take control over or successfully overcome a problem or weakness.


It’s okay to pat yourself on the back. If the end result is what inspires you, think about all the glory, accolades and acclaim you can bask in when all’s said and done.


It’s not worth it unless it’s done right; whatever you’re on the path toward, do it with probity, or by maintaining your integrity.


They said no? Let every fiber of your being say yes back, by reminding yourself to proceed with gumption, or with nerve and initiative.


Perfection wasn’t achieved in a day. This week, seek to be just a little bit better by reminding yourself to ameliorate your situation.


Have the courage to do something different, bold, or downright daring this week, no matter how big or small. This thrilling word is a great pick to tap into your wild side.


Knowing where you want to go can make it that much easier to get there. Conceptualize a future possibility, and it may be yours sooner than you think.


This word refers to the force or energy with which your body moves, as well as the force that makes something happen more quickly. Whichever definition you pick is a great motivator to make things happen.


Sometimes motivation is about encouraging yourself not to do something. Enter fixity: control exerted to restrain your impulses. From skipping a cigarette or passing on that mid-afternoon snack break, celebrate your strength of will.


Whether you’re trusting in your own abilities or someone else’s, sometimes it takes a leap of faith to reach your goals. Credence, meaning belief as to the truth of something, reminds you to seek the good in intentions.