15 words with the highest Scrabble point value

Tuesday, December 102 min read

Want to impress and infuriate your Scrabble opponents with your score? You need to know how to use every letter on the rack to your advantage. That means using all the Qs, Zs, and Xs you have. Check out these words that include the rarer letters to earn you the highest point values.


Don’t groan if you pull a couple of Zs. This eight-letter word only requires you find one of the letters on the board to garner you a max of 419 points. Hit some double or triple word spots and you won’t need to question your win.


Squeeze through to victory with this word worth up to 126 points. If you’re in a tight spot, this is the word you need to save your score.


Line up your win just like this word lines up three celestial bodies. With syzygy, you can get up to 93 points if you land on a triple word score.


This word has its own shine, just like the stone that inspired it. Quartzy tops out at 164 points — not too shabby!


Beziques, the French word for a 19th century card game, will earn you up to 161 points if you play your letters right.


If you’re looking for big-win energy, play qi for 63 points on a triple word score. It might not seem like much, but for a two-letter word, you can’t deny that’s impressive. Have an I and there's a Q down? That's almost like cheating.


Oxazepam, an anti-anxiety medication, may lower your anxiety, but it’ll raise your score. With 392 points, you’ll take the stress out of your Scrabble game.


At 29 base points, muzjiks can garner you up to 126 in one turn. Muzjiks are Russian peasants, and this word will help you climb the Scrabble ladder if your score is suffering.


Another medication is the cure for a low score. Once you’ve got enough letters gathered, you can get 37 base points — and more if you land on a bonus square. Of course, at 11 letters, you'll need some help from the board to pull this one off.


With two 10-point letters, here’s another short-word goldmine. You can receive up to 41 points with just three letters if you hit two double letter scores.


Just like beziques, we’re flying into French inspiration with this word for an American oriole. It’ll even give you the same 161 points as beziques.


Bet you never thought your barbecue knowledge would come in handy for Scrabble. Fire up an alternate spelling for that 28-point base score.


One way to maximize your Scrabble points is to use the word itself. You can get a base of 78 points from this one.


Crank up the tunes and remember that jukebox can score you 77 points.


Oxyphenbutazone is an anti-inflammatory that will get you a maximum of 1,778 points. Don’t let your head swell when you claim your Scrabble victory. It won't be easy to pull this one off — in fact, it seems nearly impossible — but if you do, your opponents will not be able to help laughing at their misfortune.

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