Words You Need To Know for Your Crossword Puzzle

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Whether you only do them on planes or fill one out every day, crossword puzzles are no easy feat. If you complete them in pen, your vocabulary is unmatched. For the rest of you, we’ve got some words you should know for your next crossword puzzle challenge.


Erato isn’t just a word — she’s a Muse! There are others, but Erato, the Muse of lyric poetry, is the one who shows up the most in crosswords. It could be because her name only has five letters, or because it has three vowels in it.


Puzzle-makers are always looking for “q” words to fit their needs. "Sesquipedalian" means "using polysyllabic words," so keep an eye out for those boxes stretching across the full puzzle.


An isthmus is a narrow land strip with a large body of water on both sides. Think of the Panama Isthmus between North and South America. "Isthmi" is just the plural form of this tricky word. Can you find more on the map — or on your puzzle?


Tsetse flies transmit sleeping sickness — a dangerous parasitic disease in Africa. When you see clues for "tsetse" in crosswords, sometimes they’re tricky. They’ll say things like “half of an African fly,” so the answer will be “tse” instead of the whole word.


You need to look high and low for your crossword answers. You’ll find aeries way above your head in trees or on cliffs. That’s because they’re nests built by birds of prey — most often eagles. "Aerie" has varied spellings including "eyrie," "eyry," and "aery," so try all your options for the correct version of this vowel-heavy crossword answer.


Just like “q” words, “z” words have special currency in crossword puzzles. The zloty is a basic unit of money in Poland. One Polish zloty equals about 26 cents in U.S. currency. Keep in mind that you may not always have to use the full word. The abbreviation for the zloty is "zl," so don’t give up when you think there aren’t enough spaces to fit the clue.

Ad hoc

We're not playing Scrabble, so even dead languages are fair game. “Ad hoc” is a Latin phrase meaning "whenever necessary" or "something done for a specific purpose." You might not always do crosswords ad hoc, but it helps to have some extra knowledge when you get around to them.


Purim isn’t as well known as Hanukkah, but it’s a Jewish holiday celebrated in the spring. It celebrates the day Esther, the Queen of Persia, saved the Jewish people living in Persia from execution. Many people think of Purim as the most fun Jewish holiday. Maybe it can add some excitement to your crossword, too!


Gotta love those vowels. An eider is a type of northern duck; its soft feathers are often used for eiderdown pillows, comforters, and mattresses. Male eiders are mostly black and white, aside from their bright yellow and red heads. Females, as with many other duck species, are brown and don’t stand out as much.

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