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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 17th century


The action of forming something into a mass or of piling something up in a heap or heaps; accumulation.

Examples of Acervation in a sentence

"The great hill in the park was created by the acervation of the earth removed to build the subway station."

"The sledding hill was made by snow plows conducting the acervation of the parking lot snow."

About Acervation

“Acervation” is taken directly from the Latin “acervation,” meaning “piling up” or “heaping.”

Did you Know?

Around the United States there are ancient sites created by pre-Columbian Indigenous cultures known collectively as “mound builders.” Mound builders existed from as early as 3500 BCE until European contact in the 16th century. They came from different cultures and traditions, but were united by their use of acervation to create mound earthworks used as ceremonial sites, burial grounds, and residential areas. Some used acervation to create gigantic earthwork representations of animals — such as at Serpent Mound in Ohio, which is shaped like a snake.

illustration Acervation

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