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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Old Norse or Middle English, late 14th century


Hands placed on hips with outward-facing elbows


Legs or arms placed in a chaotic position

Examples of Akimbo in a sentence

"My dad didn't look comfortable, sitting on the floor with his legs akimbo."

"I could tell she was irritated by the way she had one arm akimbo and her eyebrow raised."

About Akimbo

Though the word akimbo might sound like it has roots in an African language, it's actually derived from a Middle English phrase meaning 'at a sharp angle." The original phrase? "In keen bow." We think akimbo is a bit more catchy.

Did you Know?

Akimbo generally is used to refer to arms or legs held at angles, not assorted everyday objects

illustration Akimbo

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