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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 16th century


Related to the food of the gods in Greek mythology.


Describing something very pleasing to taste or smell.

Examples of Ambrosial in a sentence

"Tommy prepared six ambrosial courses for the wedding reception dinner."

"We followed the ambrosial odor to the botanical gardens, where thousands of flowers were in bloom."

About Ambrosial

“Ambrosial” is based on the Latin “ambrosia,” meaning “food of the gods,” though the Latin term was based on the ancient Greek “ἀμβροσία” (“ambrosía”), meaning “immortality.”

Did you Know?

In classical Greek and Roman mythology, “ambrosia” was the food and anointing oil of the gods, and also something that granted immortality to those who consumed it. Over time, “ambrosia” became a more pedestrian term, referring to sweet treats and pleasant food. The adjective “ambrosial” may seem as though it should describe sweets (such as the fruit salad called “ambrosia”), and is likeliest to be applied to food, drinks, and other things with a heavenly scent. However, “ambrosial” can describe anything “worthy of the gods” — as such it is often used to describe luxurious and extravagant foods, drinks, goods, and experiences.

illustration Ambrosial

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