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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, French, and Middle English, 19th century


Originating in human activity.

Examples of Anthropogenic in a sentence

"The increased severity in hurricanes has been linked to anthropogenic factors."

"Anthropogenic periods like the Industrial Revolution set the course for worldwide change."

About Anthropogenic

“Anthrop-” is a word stem meaning “pertaining to man or human beings” that comes from the Greek “anthrōpos.” “-Geny” stems from the French “génie” and originates from the Greek “-geneia” and “-genes,” meaning “born or produced.” The “-ic” ending is a Middle English element that means “having the nature of.”

Did you Know?

The Army Corps of Engineers has been able to combat anthropogenic pollution. Its manpower and its technologies assist with conservation efforts, land management, and greening.

illustration Anthropogenic

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