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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 17th century


A place where bees are kept.


A collection of beehives.

Examples of Apiary in a sentence

"The apiary was less than a mile away from a rose garden, which gave the honey a floral aroma."

"It takes a full day to inspect and maintain my apiary."

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About Apiary

An apiary can be as simple as a box in your backyard, although beekeeping is not simple. Anywhere that bees are kept, or a collection of hives, can be called an apiary. It comes from the Latin word for bee, "apis." In the 17th century it was called an apiarium, but today it's just apiary.

Did you Know?

A professional beekeeper might call their collection of hives an apiary. But apiary is just a fancier word for a place where bees live.

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