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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


A longing or desire.


A natural tendency or affinity.

Examples of Appetency in a sentence

"Ice cream topped with pickles was the strangest appetency that she had during her pregnancy."

"My grandfather passed along his appetency for woodworking and carving."

About Appetency

The Latin verb "appetere," meaning "to seek after," is the root of both "appetency" and "appetite." In addition to the definition of "hunger," "appetency" also means "a natural inclination for something." If you have an appetency for cooking, you might want to consider culinary school.

Did you Know?

One usage of "appetency" ("a longing or desire") is as a synonym for "appetite," but it has a stronger implication of craving attached to it. If you use "appetency" instead of "appetite", there might be an emotional hunger associated with your desire.

illustration Appetency

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