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Wednesday, February 9



Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, mid-19th century


The jargon or slang of a particular group or class.

Examples of Argot in a sentence

"The British working class has a different argot than the aristocracy."

"The detective didn’t understand the teenagers’ argot."

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About Argot

This word comes from the French “argot,” meaning roughly "the jargon of Paris rogues and thieves" (for purposes of disguise and concealment). It previously meant "group of beggars," and the origin was unknown.

Did you Know?

“Argot” has two potential pronunciations that resemble the words “ergo” and “ergot.” However, “ergo” is an adverb that means “for that reason” or “therefore.” “Ergot” is a disease of rye and other cereals caused by a specific fungus bearing the same name.

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