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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, 17th century


A word or form characteristic of Attic Greek.


A well-turned phrase; a concise manner of speech or expression

Examples of Atticism in a sentence

"Marco kept his fellow diners amused with one delightful Atticism after another."

"The first time I met your mother, I was struck most by her refinement and her Atticisms."

About Atticism

“Atticism” is based on the ancient Greek Ἀττικός (“Attikós”), meaning “related to Athens.”

Did you Know?

Originally, the word “Atticism” referred to those characteristics specific to speakers of Attic, the language of the greater Athens region in ancient Greece known as “Attica.” Atticans were known for being elegant, yet direct — they became known as an especially witty culture. Over time, popular knowledge of and interest in ancient Greece waned, and today “Atticism” is not often used to refer to ancient Greece at all, but the word retains its meaning as an eloquently expressed phrase in speech or writing.

illustration Atticism

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