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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 15th century


Denoting, made of, or having the color of gold.


(Of language) Highly ornamented or elaborate.

Examples of Aureate in a sentence

"The aureate exterior of her jewelry box was only a preview of what was inside."

"The book of poetry was written in an aureate style."

About Aureate

A fortuneteller might claim your aura is aureate, but they don't have the same etymology. "Aura" comes from the Latin for "a breeze," while "aureate," or "gold," comes from the Latin "aurum," which, you guessed it, means "gold."

Did you Know?

When describing language, "aureate" means "fancy or elaborate." But the process of aureation describes how languages evolve. When one language is improved or heightened by borrowing from another, that's called "aureation." Loanwords, such as "hors d'oevres" from French, are considered a form of aureation.

illustration Aureate

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