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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Italian, 16th century


A loving, amorous, or affectionate glance

Examples of Belgard in a sentence

"Beneath the streetlight, Henry cast a belgard at Maria."

"My grandmother stole a belgard at my grandfather when he wasn’t looking."

About Belgard

“Belgard” entered English from the Italian “bel guardo,” meaning “lovely look.”

Did you Know?

“Belgard” is somewhat uncommon, but its basis — the Italian “bel guardo” — is seen in place and family names in France and the Americas. There are 11 communities in France called “Bellegarde,” as well as one in Saskatchewan, Canada, and the surname “Bellegarde” is very common in Haiti and across Canada. There are now more people named “Bellegarde” in both Haiti and Canada than remain in France.

illustration Belgard

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