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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: English, mid 18th century


custom-made, usually referring to clothing


Creating or handling custom-made clothing

Examples of Bespoke in a sentence

"You could tell he cared about his appearance from his bespoke suit and polished shoes."

"Large commercial chains may be cheaper, but smaller companies can offer a more bespoke solution to your unique needs."

About Bespoke

Looking for a high-end bespoke outfit? The world's most expensive custom suit, known as the Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition, will only set you back a cool $900,000. It takes over 800 hours to stitch, featuring silk, wool, and cashmere fabric. And, oh yeah, there are only three in the world. You might be better off heading to your local tailor, instead.

Did you Know?

Bespoke used to be bespoken, literally meaning that a clothing item was discussed beforehand — the only way to get something truly custom.

illustration Bespoke

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