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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, early 19th century


A makeshift camp with little to no covering


A temporary military encampment

Examples of Bivouac in a sentence

"The tent sprung a leak, so the hikers had to construct a bivouac for the night."

"The soldiers didn’t reach the checkpoint before dark, so they set up a bivouac."

About Bivouac

There are as many styles of camping as there are locations to explore. You could try “glamping” in a fancy cabin with all the amenities of home. You could pack the car full of kids, coolers, tents, and camp chairs for a semi-rustic weekend. Or you could commune with nature and bivouac with a bare-bones campsite.

Did you Know?

The noun form of bivouac refers to a temporary camp structure, but there’s also an intriguing usage found in nature. A colony of migratory ants will use their own bodies to form a structure to protect the queen and larvae as they move from place to place. This temporary structure is also called a bivouac.

illustration Bivouac

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