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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Old English, 13th century


Split or divided in two.

Examples of Cloven in a sentence

"Do you remember the story of Moses when he made the Red Sea cloven?"

"By the time the storm subsided, the sailboat was nearly cloven."

About Cloven

This word comes from the ​​Old English “clēofan,” a past participle adjective of “cleave,” meaning “to split, part, or divide by force.” It is related to the Dutch “klieven” and German “klieben.”

Did you Know?

There are many animals with cloven hooves, including deer, pigs, cattle, antelopes, goats, and sheep. The hooves on horses, zebras, and donkeys, meanwhile, are solid and single-toed, while rhinoceroses have three toes.

illustration Cloven

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