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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


Talk confidentially or conspiratorially.


(obsolete) Flatter, pretend to agree with or believe.

Examples of Collogue in a sentence

"When you’re alone, I need to collogue with you."

"The siblings collogued after dinner to discuss their mother’s surprise birthday party."

About Collogue

If you have a secret plan, you might collogue with your conspirators. To collogue means to speak confidentially. In the past there was another usage for flattering speech, but that got pushed out in favor of sharing secrets.

Did you Know?

Not much is known about the etymology of collogue, but it’s safe to assume there is a tie to the Latin word “colloqui,” meaning to converse. If you’re attending an academic conference, it might be called a colloquium, but you can also find similar gatherings called collogues.

illustration Collogue

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