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Saturday, January 22



Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, early 20th century


A person who introduces the performers or contestants in a variety show; host.

Examples of Compère in a sentence

"Sam’s bubbly personality made him a great compère."

"The compère introduced all of the contestants with a nickname."

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About Compère

This comes from the French word for “godfather,” originally from the medieval Latin “compater.” “Com-” means “together with,” and the Latin “pater” means “father.”

Did you Know?

Loyset Compère was a Franco-Flemish composer during the Renaissance. He likely had nothing to do with the etymology of “compère,” but it’s a happy coincidence that he contributed to musical performance. He was one of the most significant composers of the lyric-driven musical compositions popular during that time, as well as one of the first musicians to bring the Italianate Renaissance style to France.

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