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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin and Germanic origin, mid-16th century


A flat stone forming part of the coping of a wall; the highest stone in a building, wall, or structure.


A finishing touch or crowning achievement.

Examples of Copestone in a sentence

"The brickwork narrowed as it got higher until it formed a very small copestone."

"Stella felt earning her Ph.D. was the copestone of her life."

About Copestone

This word is a combination of the Middle English “cope,” from a variant of the late Latin “cappa,” and the Old English “stān,” which is Germanic in origin and is related to the Dutch “steen” and German “Stein.”

Did you Know?

“Two Fragments of a Copestone” are two pieces of mottled red sandstone with delicate, intricate images of animals, plants, and patterns carved into them. They are from the sacred city of Mathura (in modern northern India) and are estimated to be from the period between 50 BCE and 5 CE. These pieces of copestone can be seen at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

illustration Copestone

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