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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 15th century


A glittering or sparkling flash of light


A striking display of wit

Examples of Coruscation in a sentence

"The disco ball shot a shimmering coruscation around the dance floor everytime the spotlight hit it."

"She impressed her dinner partner with a quick coruscation, explaining the art show they just saw."

About Coruscation

Coruscation was initially used in the 15th century to describe flashes of light gleaming off the sea or clouds in the moonlight. It’s a sweet, romantic word that you can apply to anything from diamonds to a bedazzled jean jacket.

Did you Know?

The Latin verb “coruscare,” meaning to vibrate or glitter, is the origin of this word. Coruscation (a noun) is the occurrence of a flash of light, while "coruscate" is a verb, meaning to emit flashes of light. Then you can also use the figurative sense of the word and display your blindingly brilliant wit.

illustration Coruscation

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