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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Late Middle English, 14th century


To extract flavor or essence via boiling


To reduce or concentrate a flavor

Examples of Decoct in a sentence

"The first step in the recipe is to decoct the onions in order to flavor the cooking liquid."

"I decoct overripe bananas to give my bread a rich, flavorful taste."

About Decoct

The late French chef Joël Robuchon was one of the most decorated in the world — in his lifetime, he was awarded 31 Michelin stars, the most highly respected recognition a chef can receive. It's safe to assume he mastered the art of decocting, or boiling down ingredients in order to capture their flavor.

Did you Know?

Decoct is a relatively rare word in the English language, but it’s related to several other more recognizable cooking terms. In fact, some definitions of decoct are about infusing flavors, a current culinary trend.

illustration Decoct

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