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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, late 16th century




Capable of being controlled or directed

Examples of Dirigible in a sentence

"Sure, your new aircraft invention is fast, but it's not dirigible; you can't steer it in the direction you want to travel."

"Shauna piloted the dirigible blimp away from the building's spire, narrowly avoiding disaster."

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illustration Dirigible

About Dirigible

A dirigible mode of transportation is one that can be steered and controlled, such as a blimp. The earliest blimp designs date back as far as 1784, but the first actual flight of a blimp-like aircraft is thought to have happened in 1852. That's more than half a century before the Wright Brothers' famous first flight.

Did you Know?

As a noun, a dirigible is a type of airship that is steerable or capable of being controlled. That definition sounds pretty familiar to us...

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