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Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, 17th century


A state of being bright and radiant; splendor, brilliance.

Examples of Effulgence in a sentence

"Camille was stunned silent by the effulgence of the sun rising across the Grand Canyon."

"After walking an hour in the rainy dark, the effulgence of my living room’s bright lights and roaring fire was a welcome sight."

About Effulgence

The noun “effulgence” is based on the English adjective “effulgent,” meaning “shining brilliantly.” It was created by combining the Latin prefix “ex-” (meaning “out of”) and the Latin verb “fulgere” (meaning “to shine”).

Did you Know?

Whether by finding hope in the effulgence of the breaking dawn, or by warming ourselves beneath the effulgence of the noonday sun, people have always celebrated the warmth and light we receive from the sky. However, human-made effulgence — in the form of lighting schemes, light shows, and even works of art — is designed to reflect and showcase the movement of light. People seem attracted to effulgence, whether it’s a radiant dawn or a brightly lit exhibition of reflective glass.

illustration Effulgence

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