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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid-17th century


Written in the form or manner of letters and correspondence


Carried on by letters and correspondence

Examples of Epistolary in a sentence

"The epistolary novel documented the relationship between the brothers over many years."

"Before the age of texting, epistolary love affairs were conducted via heartfelt letters."

About Epistolary

The noun form of epistolary will be familiar to devout, practicing Christians. An epistolary is a book containing readings from the epistles, which were letters included as books in the New Testament. Many of these epistles were written by Paul as letters to Christians.

Did you Know?

Epistolary usually refers to letters or correspondence, but it can also be applied to journal entries, newspaper articles, or any other form of written communication. Even a story told through Twitter could be described as epistolary.

illustration Epistolary

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