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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, first known use in 1962


Coinlike objects.


Study and/or collection of coinlike objects.

Examples of Exonumia in a sentence

"Tobias had a collection of exonumia he amassed over a decade."

"The arcade tokens were ever-present exonumia in her pocket."

About Exonumia

This word is comprised of “exo-” a prefix meaning “out of”, and the Latin “nummus,” meaning “coin.”

Did you Know?

Exonumia is the study or collecting of coinlike objects, but NOT coins themselves. For example, someone interested in exonumia might collect fair tokens or religious medallions. A penny that has been pressed and elongated into a souvenir in a vending machine would qualify for exonumia, but the funds used to pay for it would not.

illustration Exonumia

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