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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Outside or beyond the physical world.

Examples of Extramundane in a sentence

"My niece loves to pretend she is playing with fairies and other extramundane creatures."

"Mythology from almost every culture contains extramundane stories and folklore."

About Extramundane

Today, if you call someone "extra," it means they're over the top and dramatic. However, the Latin origin doesn't concern being "too much"; it just means "outside." Pair it with "mundus" for "the world," and "extramundane" describes something not of this physical world.

Did you Know?

Humans have always had an interest in what lies beyond our world. As an adjective, "extramundane" can be used to describe anything outside the earthly realm. Lightning, seasons, animal discoveries — we have many modern scientific explanations for phenomena that in the past was attributed to the supernatural in mythology and folklore passed down through generations and across cultures.

illustration Extramundane

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