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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Pertaining to the west wind.


(By extension) Mild, gentle.

Examples of Favonian in a sentence

"The bright morning promised favonian weather for the rest of our trip."

"The flight from Los Angeles to New York was helped along by favonian tailwinds."

About Favonian

“Favonian” is based on the Latin “Favōnius,” referring to the “god of the west wind.”

Did you Know?

In ancient Rome, the god of the west wind — known in Latin as “Favōnius” — was considered the bringer of spring. As a result, “favonian” may technically refer to the west wind, but what it really calls to mind is the gentle and fertile promise of springtime. Today, “favonian” refers to things that are favorable, gentle, or pleasant.

illustration Favonian

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