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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Well-chosen or suited to the circumstances.


Pleasing and fortunate.

Examples of Felicitous in a sentence

"It turned out to be a felicitous decision to bring an umbrella."

"It was felicitous that we rented a truck for our vacation as we needed it for the weather in the mountains."

About Felicitous

This word is thought to have developed from "felicity," which has Latin origins (the words "felix" and "felicitas," which both mean "happy"). While the usage of the word today can describe something that turns out to be a lucky or opportune occurrence, it's rooted in the sense that it makes one happy.

Did you Know?

A truly felicitous occurrence is winning the lottery. Only one in 14 million people ever draw the correct numbers to win the lottery, making it a real stroke of luck to actually win a huge amount of money.

illustration Felicitous

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