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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Middle English, mid 14th century


Of or due from a son or daughter.


(Biology) Denoting the generation or generations after the parental generation.

Examples of Filial in a sentence

"Anna’s filial duties included driving her parents to the doctor’s office every week."

"Anthony couldn’t help but feel an almost filial obligation to help Mr. Jenkins out."

About Filial

Filial developed in Middle English from Old French, but originally came from the Latin words “filialis,” “filius” (son), and “filia” (daughter).

Did you Know?

Ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius emphasized the importance of filial piety — treating parents, elders, and ancestors with utmost respect. Confucius even laid out a full list of specific filial duties for sons and daughters, including observing good conduct to reflect well on parents and to show love, respect, and deference towards them.

illustration Filial

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