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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Old English, unknown


A slab of timber cut from a tree trunk, usually from the outside.


A side of bacon.

Examples of Flitch in a sentence

"Landon cut several flitches of wood to add to the fire."

"I love having a flitch with my eggs and toast."

About Flitch

The word flitch developed from the Middle English word "flicce" (which stood for the salted and cured side of any meat product), but originally came from German.

Did you Know?

While enjoying eggs with a flitch seems timeless, bacon as part of a hearty breakfast is less than a century old and the result of really good PR. To sell more pork products, one company reached out to doctors, asking them to co-sign the idea that a heavier breakfast is a healthier one. The rest is history.

illustration Flitch

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