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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Uncertain, mid 19th century


Totally confused or bewildered


Utterly unable to understand or comprehend

Examples of Flummoxed in a sentence

"The complex equations in his physics course left him completely flummoxed."

"She was flummoxed by all of the big, confusing words inserted into the legal agreement."

About Flummoxed

While its synonyms have traceable origins, researchers looking into 'flummoxed' can only scratch their heads at the word's unknown derivation. But it's not alone; some common words that also leave historians at a loss include 'conundrum,' 'bizarre,' 'avalanche,' and even 'dog.'

Did you Know?

In something of an etymological rarity, no one is quite certain as to the origins of the word flummoxed. It has roots that are both literary and dialect-based, but no conclusive source has been determined. The word has left historians, well, flummoxed.

illustration Flummoxed

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