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Part of speech: adjective


Excessively concerned with appearance and taste


Resembling or suiting a fop

Examples of Foppish in a sentence

"Even as a young boy, he was extremely foppish and would rarely be seen without a necktie."

"No need to be foppish; it's just a casual get-together with friends."

About Foppish

Looking for other alternatives to fop when chiding someone for being overly concerned with their appearance? Here are some other 17th- and 18th-century insults with the same meaning: fribble, popinjay, ninny, coxcomb and as, a matter of fact, macaroni. Finally, an explanation as to why Yankee Doodle called it macaroni after sticking a feather in his hat.

Did you Know?

The roots of foppish come from a Middle English word meaning "to deceive." Maybe it was believed that overly well-dressed and respectable individuals were hiding something underneath all that decorum.

illustration Foppish

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