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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Old English, 15th century


The morning.

Examples of Forenoon in a sentence

"Some of my pleasantest hours were during the long rain-storms in the spring or fall, which confined me to the house for the afternoon as well as the forenoon, soothed by their ceaseless roar and pelting.' — Henry David Thoreau"

"Come over in the forenoon, and we'll have a cup of coffee and chat."

About Forenoon

Forenoon is a fairly self explanatory word. It is the time before noon. AKA the morning. So if your friend asks what time you want to meet up, but you want to keep your options open, just say "forenoon."

Did you Know?

If you're not a morning person, maybe you just don't have the words to describe it. Try to add some variety to your early hours. There's cockcrow, daybreak, dayspring, first blush, wee hours, morningtide, sunup, crack of dawn, and good old forenoon.

illustration Forenoon

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