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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Author Lewis Carroll, 1871


Delightful; joyous.

Examples of Frabjous in a sentence

"The group was excited to attend the frabjous wedding."

"Everyone expects senior prom to be a frabjous occasion."

About Frabjous

This is a word Lewis Carroll coined in his 1871 book, “Through the Looking-Glass.” It is a blend of either “fabulous” and “joyous,” or “fair” and “joyous.”

Did you Know?

Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll made a habit of inventing new words, often portmanteaus, within his stories. Besides “frabjous,” there’s “mimsy,” a blend of “miserable” and “flimsy” that eventually came to mean "prim; careful; feeble" in British English; “galumph,” meaning "to move heavily and clumsily" that blends “gallop” and “triumph”; and “chortle,” which combines “chuckle” and “snort” and means "to exclaim exultingly, with a noisy chuckle."

illustration Frabjous

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