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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 15th century


Fragile; brittle.


Easily breakable.

Examples of Frangible in a sentence

"The tiny puppy felt frangible, but he was growing quickly."

"Kids weren't allowed into the antique store, because it was full of frangible valuables."

About Frangible

Frangible is an adjective describing anything delicate or breakable. It can describe a brittle texture that could snap or crumble in your hands. But you could also use it in a more figurative sense for easily bruised and broken feelings.

Did you Know?

Frangible has taken a journey from the ancient Latin verb “frangere,” meaning to break, to medieval Latin frangibilis, over to Old French, and then finally to its current state in Middle English. It’s a sturdy progression for such a flimsy word.

illustration Frangible

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