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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Old French and Latin, early 15th century


The point at which a plan or project is realized


The state or action of producing fruit

Examples of Fruition in a sentence

"Everything started falling into place as her plan came to fruition."

"The chemist’s lab research came to fruition."

About Fruition

Fruition originates from the Latin verb frui, meaning “to enjoy.”

Did you Know?

Even though “fruition” and “fruit” both come from the Latin verb frui, they were developed independent of each other. In fact, when “fruition” was first used in the 1400s, it simply meant “pleasurable use or possession.” It wasn’t until the 1800s that the word developed its modern-day definition: “the state of bearing fruit.” This newer definition might be a simple case of mistaken etymology; regardless, the meaning has clearly expanded into metaphorical language.

illustration Fruition

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