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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, late 16th century


A lofty, colorful style of speaking intended to impress


Being vain or pompous in an overbearing style

Examples of Grandiloquent in a sentence

"The speech, while intended to be motivational, came across as grandiloquent with too many pretentious words and phrases."

"Instead of receiving the award humbly, she didn’t thank anyone in her grandiloquent acceptance speech."

About Grandiloquent

While grandiloquence is an impressive word to add to your vocabulary, being a grandiloquent speaker isn't so positive. You can alienate your listeners with too many flowery words or overblown phrases. To learn how to be a better speaker, consider joining a group like the Toastmasters, an organization devoted to teaching people how to be better communicators.

Did you Know?

Grandiloquent, coming from the Latin words for grand (grandis) and speak (landis), usually has a negative connotation of someone coming across as pompous. The next time you're tempted to roll your eyes at someone's speech, you could display your grandiloquence by pulling out this word.

illustration Grandiloquent

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