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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 14th century


A small hill or mound.

Examples of Hillock in a sentence

"As we drew closer to it, what first appeared to be a minor hillock revealed itself to be a far more significant peak."

"Our farmland includes a hillock that’s always popular with our goats, who like to find the highest point to view their surroundings."

About Hillock

“Hillock” was formed in Middle English from the existing word “hill” and the Middle-English diminutive suffix “-ock,” suggesting a smaller hill.

Did you Know?

A hillock — also known as a “knoll” — is a small hill that stands on its own, disconnected from other hills or mountains. Hillocks appear worldwide, but the specific geographies of the U.K. and China mean hillocks are common in both countries. Though they can be described as minor versions of mesas and buttes, both of which are common in the United States, hillocks tend to be less rocky or craggy than mesas and buttes, and instead are often covered in grass, trees, and other greenery.

illustration Hillock

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