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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Having the same name as another (i.e., like a namesake).


Of or pertaining to a homonym.

Examples of Homonymous in a sentence

"Coincidentally, the judge and the lawyer had homonymous family names."

"Though “compliment” is homonymous with “complement,” the words describe two different actions."

About Homonymous

“Homonymous” is from the Latin “homōnymus,” meaning “of the same name.”

Did you Know?

Homonyms describe two classes of words: “homographs,” which are different words with identical spellings, regardless of pronunciation (such as the metal “lead” and the verb “to lead”); and “homophones,” which are pronounced the same regardless of spelling (such as “by” and “buy,” or “merry” and “marry”). In order for words to be homonymous, they must share one of these characteristics. As a result, “homonymous” is usually shorthand for “spelled differently but pronounced the same way.”

illustration Homonymous

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