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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Unknown, 19th century


to trick or cheat


to bamboozle

Examples of Hornswoggle in a sentence

"I realized that the customer was trying to hornswoggle me out of paying for his meal."

"Kids are always trying to hornswoggle their parents by pretending to eat their veggies while slipping them to the dog under the table."

About Hornswoggle

The deliciously fun-to-say sounds of the word hornswoggle certainly haven't gone unnoticed by the world of literature and entertainment. Roald Dahl created a monstrous character known as a hornswoggler, and there's even a diminutive professional wrestler who goes by the name of Hornswoggle.

Did you Know?

Hornswoggle is one of a rare group of words whose origins are unknown. Some think it was originally used to describe the shaking of a cow's head to escape a lasso.

illustration Hornswoggle

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