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Thursday, December 10



Part of speech: noun

Origin: North America, mid 16th century


A builder of houses, especially those constructed largely of timber; a house carpenter.

Examples of Housewright in a sentence

"After working with Habitat for Humanity, Rachel felt like a bonafide housewright."

"With Lincoln Logs, anyone can be a housewright in the comfort of their own home."

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About Housewright

Housewright developed as an American word in the 16th century through the combination of the words "house" and "wright" (an old Germanic word that means maker or builder).

Did you Know?

You could hire a handyman to do general repairs around your house, but if you have detailed woodwork, you'll want a housewright. This term was popular 18th-century colonial America to refer to craftsmen who cut timber and assembled it into houses.

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