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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 13th century


Agriculture or farming


The conservation and careful usage of resources

Examples of Husbandry in a sentence

"The practice of animal husbandry revolutionized the way humans provide meat, eggs, and milk for their families and communities."

"We must be more careful in our husbandry of Earth's resources."

About Husbandry

There's a lot of husbandry happening at Mudanjiang City Mega Farm, the largest farm in the world. Located in Heilongjiang, China, it is a mind-blowing 22.5 million acres in size, with over 100,000 cows on-site.

Did you Know?

In the 1300s, husbandry referred to the management of a household — derived from "husband," what was then the de facto head of a household. By 1400 it had evolved to refer to farm management.

illustration Husbandry

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