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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 14th century


Divination by means of signs derived from the appearance of water and its movements.

Examples of Hydromancy in a sentence

"She was known for her ability to predict a baby's birth date with hydromancy."

"The deep crystal bowl was reserved for the practice of hydromancy."

About Hydromancy

“Hydro” comes from the Greek for water, and “mancy” means divination, or supernatural means of seeing the future. Hydromancy uses water to practice this art, but there are other forms of “mancy.” Pyromancy uses fire, rhabdomancy uses a wand, and oneiromancy concerns your dreams.

Did you Know?

Spells and sorcery might not be your thing, but you’ve likely seen an example of hydromancy in a movie. A wizard or magician will cast a spell over a bubbling cauldron, or look into a bowl of water to tell the future. Using water as a form of divination is called hydromancy.

illustration Hydromancy

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