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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, 16th century


Repeat or reiterate (a word or statement), typically for emphasis.

Examples of Ingeminate in a sentence

"The mayor learned to ingeminate the main points in her weekly addresses to make sure they were understood as clearly as possible."

"Before they left for the weekend, Laura’s parents ingeminated they did not want a party thrown in their absence."

About Ingeminate

“Ingeminate” is based on the Latin “ingeminō,” meaning to “repeat” or “reiterate.”

Did you Know?

Most people ingeminate, or repeat, an important point any time they need to drive it home. However, most people experience more ingemination (the noun form) in front of their TVs and other screens than anywhere else, because that’s where they encounter advertising. One advertising theory holds that an audience must see a message seven times before they internalize it, which explains why sometimes the same ad will appear during every commercial break in a program, or across multiple online media. Advertisers ingeminate to keep the brand in the forefront of the customer’s mind.

illustration Ingeminate

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