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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 17th century


The action of restoring or renewing something.

Examples of Instauration in a sentence

"The instauration of the old mill was a complex undertaking after decades of abandonment and disrepair."

"Rather than rebuild the family home, which hadn’t been lived in for 20 years, my father set out to give it a full instauration."

About Instauration

“Instauration” is from the Latin “instauratio,” which refers to the act of renewing, as well as to the restarting of a ritual that has been interrupted or gone wrong.

Did you Know?

“Instauration” is easily confused with its near homonym “restoration,” and both broadly describe the act of making something old nicer. However, “instauration” is specifically about the process of repairing and restoring something — such as a building, or a work of art — that has suffered neglect, decay, and dilapidation. “Restoration” is concerned simply with restoring something to its original state, and does not consider the present state from which such a restoration must begin. “Instauration,” however, makes it clear that the job of restoration will be a serious one, as it will begin with a building or object in a state of significant deterioration.

illustration Instauration

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