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Sunday, April 24



Part of speech: verb

Origin: Chiefly British, early 20th century


(Especially of something mechanical) shake and vibrate rapidly and with force.

Examples of Judder in a sentence

"The gearshift would judder every time Mike started the car."

"The girl juddered in the cold breeze because she wasn’t dressed warmly."

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About Judder

This word was first used around the 1930s, likely as an imitative of the word “shudder.”

Did you Know?

When the motion is a little choppy on the TV, this is known as “judder.” In more technical terms, it occurs when the frame rate of the content on the screen doesn’t divide evenly into the refresh rate of the TV it’s playing on. This often happens when displaying cinematic 24p content on a panel that uses a refresh rate of 60 Hz — meaning the display refreshes 60 times every second.

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