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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Unknown


A novelty greeting or message delivered by a person who accompanies it with a kiss, arranged as a humorous surprise for the recipient.

Examples of Kissogram in a sentence

"I pretend to be embarrassed, but I love the kissogram my wife sends every year on my birthday."

"The whole office stopped and cheered when the kissogram was delivered."

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illustration Kissogram

About Kissogram

Yes, the kissogram is a real thing. A messenger would deliver a kiss to your sweetheart, along with a song or humorous message. These days, you might be better off sending your love a bouquet of flowers.

Did you Know?

Fans of the "Doctor Who" TV series will know what a kissogram is. Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, has a job as a kissogram before she becomes the Doctor's companion. He mistakes her for a police officer, but she reveals her uniform is because she's a kissogram.

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