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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, early 18th century


Easily given to tears; weepy


Sorrowful; tending to cause tears

Examples of Lachrymose in a sentence

"Watching sad, sentimental movies always made her lachrymose."

"Bring your tissues, because I’ve heard it’s a lachrymose play."

About Lachrymose

Shed a tear for this adjective. It comes from the Latin word for tear, "lacrima." You can use it to help describe anything that causes tears, or anyone who is just plain weepy. We all know one.

Did you Know?

"Lachrymose" has a scientific cousin: "lacrimal." While "lachrymose" applies to tears of the emotional variety, "lacrimal" is used in the medical sense — your lacrimal glands produce tears.

illustration Lachrymose

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